Sabore has created a luxurious range of skincare products that are Organic, active and prescription-only. This means that it is only available after a skincare professional has analysed your skin and can prescribe you the correct products to deliver the results your skin needs and desires.

Even more exciting is that this range is New Zealand made and incredibly affordable.

Black Magic TanBlack Magic Tan

Black Magic Tan is an all natural spray tan product made from quality organic ingredients. Thay have been enriched with powerful anti-oxidants and botanicals that nourish and hydrate your skin. Black Magic Tan products are odourless and fragrance free while delivering a truly amazing colour.

Before and After Care to keep your tan looking its best:

  • Shower and exfoliate your whole body before your tan, paying particular attention to the areas of dry/built up skin such as elbows, knees, ankles and feet.
  • Do not apply any moisturisers, deodorant, oils or perfumes beforehand – these can cause a colour reaction to your tan.
  • Wear dark coloured, loose fitting clothes for immediately after your tan and have some jandals ready.
  • Shaving and/or waxing should be done at least 24hrs before your tan so the follicles can close over.
  • Your tan will take 8 hours to develop, so do not shower for 8 hours after your tan and always pat your skin dry with a towel rather than rub.
  • Avoid exercise for 8 hours after your tan as perspiration may result in unwanted streaking or patchiness.
  • Moisturise daily after your tan to keep the skin hydrated and smooth and your tan looking its best.