Full Body Bliss Massage (includes the face and scalp) – 70 mins
This amazing full body treatment includes lots of drainage movements to help stimulate the lymphatic system, removing toxins and dispersing stagnant tissues improving your overall health. Leave here feeling like you are floating on the clouds!
Full Body┬áRelaxation Massage – 1 hour
A must for those tired and tight muscles. This relaxing treatment will have you feeling limber and ready to go in no time.
Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage – 30 mins
Perfect relief for the time conscious! Feel amazing after this half hour treatment that is perfect for office workers, the physically active or the busy Mums out there with achy back, neck and shoulders.
Exfoliating Back Scrub and Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage – 35 mins
A back scrub is the perfect addition to a back, neck and shoulder massage. Relax, enjoy and let us take care of that hard-to-reach exfoliation with a gentle back scrub to help remove build-up of dead skin and blockages. Followed by a relaxing and therapeutic back, neck and shoulder massage.